Jeff Vs The World Presents “Hood Classics” Makes 100

The Genesis Of Hood Classics

It’s funny sometimes how things happen. Something that started out as a one off is now sitting at 100 episodes. First and foremost none of this happens without a conversation I had with Cam Hawkins. The initial goal was to talk and start my own wrestling podcast. Cam was giving me the best advice on things I needed to do and also be cautious of. So in 2019 as I’m about to step into the world of podcasting something happened…I wanted to talk about more! Wrestling, movies, tv, music and sports are all things I want to talk about but especially movies.

Movies have always played an important part of my life and they always will but I will tell that story another day. Jeff Vs The World “Hood Classics” was one of the most organic things to ever happen. Myself and Shahid Abdul Hadi had been chatting on Twitter for a while. We would tweet about movies, wrestling and sports the most so I decided to ask Shahid would he like to join me for an episode. Our first podcast (Captain Marvel review) was absolutely a train wreck from chemistry to connection, I figured it was the beginning and end. Surprisingly it wasn’t and something was brewing.

“Hood Classics” still hasn’t been born but what has been is a friendship with Shahid outside of the Twitter. At this point we go on a run of film reviews that will never be touched. Starting with the Fast & Furious franchise, Nicolas Cage month and closing it out was the Rocky saga. At this point we both are feeling having fun reviewing we both are like let’s keep going. So I’m like we gotta figure out a name and Jeff Vs The World Presents “Hood Classics” is born.

The Long And Winding Road To Hood Classics 100

So before we get to Jeff Vs The World Presents Hood Classics 100 we had to start at episode #1….1991 New Jack City. This movie absolutely set the tone for what listeners were in store for. Now the one thing that we understood was that with name “Hood Classics” expectations were gonna be made about what movies we would review, but forget the expectation we were gonna do the movies we wanted. We were doing things our way, the way we always wanted to hear but couldn’t for reasons that I want get into in this article but maybe next time. Maybe.

“Hood Classics” episode #45 Takers 2010 will always hold a special place. This was the episode that started Shahid Idris Elba impersonation and when we get to episode #55 Obsessed 2009 with my friend and special guest Tiffany Hicks it tuned into a something that neither one of us expected. Episode #44 Soul Food 1997 will always be one of my favorites because we absolutely had a ball reviewing this film. “Big Momma Your Arm!”. Also lets never forget episode #76 Bloodsport 1988 and the post squirt comment that infuriated Shahid. Getting to one hundred episodes has been a long and winding road and I wouldn’t change a damn thing.

“Hood Classics” Meet 100

We are finally here…Jeff Vs The World Presents Hood Classics #100!!! As of writing we have the number one film review on Goodpods. This summer we got paid from Manscaped for promoting their products. These things I never expected or actively went looking for. In the beginning I just wanted my voice to be heard but what ultimately turned out for me was gaining a friend that I kick it with each week for about three hours behind the microphone and people happen to enjoy our conversation….Welcome everyone to HOOD CLASSICS.

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